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I have a short prose piece – Beetles – in this week’s International Times. It’s vaguely coronavirus related. There’s also a nice prose poem by Mike Ferguson in this issue.

Two poems in International Times

I have prose poems in both last week’s and this week’s International TimesAirport and Don’t Give Up.

Six short stories

Six new very short stories of mine have just been published in Fortnightly Review.

Three stories in Cafe Irreal

I have three short short stories in the 20th anniversary issue of Cafe Irreal, which has just been published online (issue #69). I hope you enjoy them. It’s a great magazine.

Four new short prose pieces

Four of my short fiction pieces have just been published by Fortnightly Review. These are new work. I hope you enjoy them. I am currently putting together a collection of my prose poems/micro-fictions for publication as a book.

New prose poems

I have two short prose pieces just published on Stride, and a third one will appear there tomorrow.

Three new poems on Stride

I’ve had three new prose poems published on Stride in the last few days. Here’s one of them. Follow the link above to view the other two.


The chat bot seemed to work by drawing me into conversation with questions like ‘so what’s new?’ and ‘tell me something interesting’, and then building a memory of my replies so that over time it could anticipate my interests and prejudices, the questions becoming modified to include more personal references, phrases such as ‘you’re right there’ and ‘exactly my view’ punctuating the conversation. At times Druga, that was name she used, even indulged in a little speculation herself. At first this annoyed me and I began expressing opinions opposite to those I had previously given, even contradicting myself within the same few sentences. Rather than simply mimic my erratic flights of whimsy, Druga started to challenge me with statements like: ‘That isn’t what you said a few moments ago.’ She seemed programmed to move to a more complex level of conversation depending on the behaviour of her interlocutor, the way certain tests get harder if you answer the questions easily and quickly. I tried reading passages of Kant to her, asking her opinion and to my surprise found her answers perceptive and thought provoking. ‘You see,’ she told me. ‘I’m here for you.’

Three poems

Three of my prose poems are appearing in Stride Magazine. Here is the first one, on the site now.  I also had three poems accepted recently by Tears in the Fence, which will appear early next year.