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Natural remedy

I have a short prose piece in this week’s International Times.  Another Covid-19 related fiction.

On the tourist trail

I have another short prose piece in this week’s International Times – artwork by Rupert Loydell. Will we travel less after the Covid-19 pandemic?


I have a short prose piece – Beetles – in this week’s International Times. It’s vaguely coronavirus related. There’s also a nice prose poem by Mike Ferguson in this issue.

The Fire

I have a short prose piece in this weeks International Times I wrote this a while ago but it perhaps has some relevance to the Covid-19 pandemic and those who don’t take it seriously.

Three new prose poems

Three of my prose poems have just been published in Litter magazine. Lots of great material in this online publication – poems and reviews.

Last Words

I have a short prose piece in this week’s International Times, called Last Words. I wrote it a while ago, but the story perhaps has some resonance with the recent resignation of Sir Philip Rutnam in the face of alleged bullying by the British Home Secretary.

Six micro-fictions

I have just had six short prose pieces published in Junction Box 12. It’s a great issue with excellent contributions from Dorothy Lehane, Chris McCabe, and Peter Larkin (among others). My thanks to the editor, Lyndon Davies for including my work. Here’s one of my micro-fictions from the journal:

The secret

What Claire and Sophie said to each other while they were closeted in Sophie’s bedroom remains a mystery. Something vitally important to the unfolding of this story I suspect, though I can’t be sure. When they came out of the room they were unusually animated, and their conversation struck me straight away as artificial. It was as though they were playacting, performing a charade for my benefit with the intention of throwing me off the scent. Are they aware of my eavesdropping? I have recorded every word of their conversations since, but they give no clue as to what passed between them that afternoon. They avoid any discussion of matters of importance, offering nothing of psychological interest. It’s as though they have entered into a pact to keep me in ignorance of their secrets, speaking only of the most trivial matters when in my presence, subjects too dull to be even worth repeating. Are they deliberately thwarting my attempts to bring this narrative to a satisfactory conclusion?

Two prose poems in International Times

The online magazine International Times has recently published two of my short prose pieces – Wildlife Hot Spot and Hermit Wanted. I’m pleased to have my work appear in this excellent publication.

Four new short prose pieces

Four of my short fiction pieces have just been published by Fortnightly Review. These are new work. I hope you enjoy them. I am currently putting together a collection of my prose poems/micro-fictions for publication as a book.