The Whalebone Box

by Simon Collings

Fortnightly Review has just published my review essay on Andrew Kötting’s latest film The Whalebone Box. Part zany travelogue, part dream narrative, the movie defies easy categorisation, as indeed does much of Kötting’s work.  As the ‘Alpabetarium of Kötting’, published on the filmmaker’s website, says: ‘The work is as much process as framed product. In constant flux, images and sounds migrate, are curious about the elsewhere, are remixed, lose titles and gain new labels briefly; fixity is not the spine here; things arrive into being, are held like water in the hand, then pass on. Are flawed, unfinished.’  Kötting’s output is some of the best work made in the UK in the last twenty years, always inventive, often playful, and frequently challenging. A filmmaker worth getting to know.