Belated birthday tribute

by Simon Collings

The online magazine Stride has just published a poem of mine – 13 Haiku for John Ashbery – written as a celebration of the American poet who turned 90 just over a week ago. I wrote the piece  a couple of years back after reading ‘37 Haiku‘ published in Ashbery’s collection The Wave (1984). I enjoyed the way Ashbery sends up contemporary hiaku writing in English in this work. My own poem is a conscious imitation of Ashbery’s  challenge to conventional haiku, and is intended as a tribute. For anyone wanting to know more, there’s an interesting essay by Dean Brink on Ashbery’s haiku here.

Stride has also published reviews I’ve written recently on Susan Howe’s latest book Debths, and Eileen R. Tabios’ The Opposite of Claustrophobia.