The ugly face of Leave

by Simon Collings

Racist attacks are on the increase in Britain following the Brexit vote. This must be stopped in its tracks. The Leave leadership should say very clearly this is not OK – it’s criminal behaviour which has no place in a democracy. Johnson, Gove and co. have a lot to answer for. They condoned racist sentiments in their bid to win and now we’re seeing the ugly consequences.

We don’t have to accept the kind of future these people want for Britain. The Leave campaign has no coherent vision of what should replace Britain’s EU membership, and most of the people who voted to leave have no idea of the complexity of the issues now facing the country.

Johnson and his aides are for free movement of capital and labour, something most leave voters think they have just decisively rejected. Listen to Leave MEP Daniel Hannan being interviewed on the BBC yesterday.  Employers in many sectors will face huge challenges if foreign nationals are not allowed to continue working here. Employment is at a record high in the UK with unemployment at just 5% – a ten year low. Moves to start repatriating people would damage the economy and make absolutely no sense. The Leave leadership needs to come clean and make this very clear. They misled many of the people who voted ‘leave’ and the lying must stop.

It is not too late for politicians to reconsider this crazy decision. But even if the country does trigger an exit it’s still possible to negotiate for a settlement which would protect the kind of society the majority of people in Britain believe in. We face huge global challenges  – not least on the environment – and international cooperation is critical to solving these problems. A retreat into bigoted nationalism serves no one’s interests.

Write to Johnson and Gove calling on them to say where they stand on racism and free movement of labour.