You common cry of curs

by Simon Collings

Feeling stunned and angered by the EU referendum result here in the UK ? One friend wrote this morning to say it reminded him of a scene from Coriolanus. ‘Ralph Fiennes’ contempt and anger sum up my feelings very well, and the theme couldn’t be more appropriate,’ he said. I felt much better after watching the clip.
It’s easy to feel like you want to emigrate, but this afternoon what I actually did was set up a regular donation to the Oxford Food Bank. OK so the Leave camp won. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to accept the kind of future they envisage for us. I decided to do something positive and invest in an organisation doing a great job locally with entirely volunteer labour. The kind of organisation that represents the good side of humans. If you want to give yourself a lift try doing something positive. If that doesn’t work there’s always drink.