Interview with poet Kathryn Maris

by Simon Collings

At the end of last year I interviewed the poet Kathryn Maris for Agenda, a British poetry magazine. For anyone interested in reading it, the interview has now been published and is available online as Notes to broadsheet poets no. 24.

Kathryn is an American poet who  studied under Kenneth Koch, a leading figure in the New York School of poets. She has lived in the UK for the last 15 years and her  recent work includes experimentation with received forms such as the sonnet and sestina. I was interested in finding out what Kathryn thought about the US and British poetry scenes, and the influence of American writing on British poets. I hadn’t expected to find an American poet talking about being influenced by British poetry.

Kathryn’s second collection God Loves You, was published here in the UK by Seren in 2013.