Zoe Rubens

by Simon Collings

I recently bought a couple of small pieces by Suffolk-based sculptor Zoe Rubens. The playfulness of her quixotic constructions, welded together from pieces of scrap metal, was impossible to resist.  Some of her pieces represent a kind of humorous commentary on contemporary issues – like the financial crisis or banking ethics. Others are simply  quirky takes on everyday life.  The sculptures incorporate stylised figures or sometimes just heads, moulded from clay and painted. There’s a clever balancing of a magical, dream-like quality with acute social observation.

Given her bent for social commentary it’s perhaps no surprise that Rubens was one of 50 artists invited to create self-portraits for the 250th anniversary of the death of William Hogarth.  The exhibition is on currently at Hogarth’s House in Chiswick, London and continues until January 2015. Other artists in the show  include Sir Peter Blake and Anthony Green.  Ruben’s Small Selfie is gorgeous.