Help a young Ghanaian tell his story

by Simon Collings

I’ve just pledged some funding towards a film about a Ghanaian student faced with tough choices between family tradition and personal ambition when his father is killed in a road accident.  The film features on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter which recently announced that it has raised more than $1bn for over 60,000 projects since it launched five years ago.

Nakom was scripted by Travis Pittman in close collaboration with Isaac Awinimi, a native of the Ghanaian village which gives the film its name. Pittman served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the village.

The film has already been shot and the team are now looking to raise funds to complete the project – a modest target of $30,000 of which they have more that $21,000 pledged so far. This is the second feature film from Pittman and director Kelly Daniela Norris. Awinimi is the film’s producer. There are seven days left to go. Why not join me in backing them?

Kickstarter profiles cultural projects – films, music, books – and innovative technologies. Creative artists and inventors make their pitch and present a target budget, and visitors to the site are able to pledge support for projects they like. Pledges are only redeemed if the funding target is met. Backers of the project receive a reward in some form, e.g. a DVD of the film or copy of a publication.

Most of the projects to date originate in the US but Kickstarter is currently focused on building a presence in Europe and eventually plans to embrace the world.  The site, and others like it, have the potential to provide artists and filmmakers from many countries with access to funding for projects. Crowdfunding has exploded over the last few years with more than 1000 platforms now in existence worldwide. Currently there are few projects on Kickstarter originating from Africa – but this will hopefully change.